"The Empty Tomb" Leather Bracelet


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Fuel your faith with the Empty Tomb Men’s Bracelet, featuring a sleek leather band and brass label bolding reading, “He Lives.” Designed with purpose, this bracelet is a simple yet powerful reminder to navigate life’s challenges with greater hope and resilience.

The central message of the resurrection is brought to life in this empty tomb bracelet, beautifully and subtly symbolizing the hope and triumph of Jesus Christ.

As featured in the Angel Studios film, The Shift, every time you wear this stylish bracelet, you'll be powerfully reminded of the need for faith in Jesus Christ while in the midst of difficult trials.

But don't just take our word for it, hear from The Shift Writer and Director Brock Heasley on what inspired this design: 

“The cross. It’s such a powerful symbol. I wondered: What other symbol could there be for Jesus Christ? From that simple question came an image.

Two circles, one opened, one closed; the empty tomb and the great, rolled away stone side-by-side. Together, they looked very much like an infinity symbol.

It is a subtle yet elegant expression of faith that speaks profoundly to the hearts of all Christians.”

Product Details:

  • Brass Plate
  • Leather wrap band
  • Adjustable length

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