Not Your Dad's Socks by Freelancers

Color: White Petunias

Don't give your Mom, Dad, BFF, or Crazy Uncle socks for their birthdays. UNLESS they're these bad boys.

Everybody needs a bit of lunacy in their lives (cause the world doesn't provide enough already, right?) and these socks do the trick. Congratulations! You just became the family’s best gift giver. 

And if you're buying a sweet set for yourself, we recommend showing them off, so be sure to wear your floods, capri's, or shorts while sporting them.  “Go all in and wear them with crocs, because whimsy, trumps bad fashion choices any day of the week!”

The White Petunias, The Blue Doodles, The Black Doodles

Product Details:

  • Material:
    • 67% combed cotton, 24% spandex, 7% poly, 2% elastic
  • Sizing:
    • Men’s: 9-12
    • Women’s: 6-9

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