David™ Bracelet


David wears a bracelet woven with blue, green, and white strands. Each color represents an integral part of his journey and can be part of yours too. This bracelet will be a constant reminder to you of God’s presence in your life. 

Wear yours every day and on your most special occasion. When you spot this bracelet in the wild, you’ll know you’ve run into a fellow fan who is also seeking after God. 

The symbolism: David wears this bracelet with strands of tekhelet blue, white and green, with each color holding a specific significance for him. 

Tekhelet blue was symbolic of God’s voice to the Ancient Israelites. They were commanded to wear tassels of this special blue dye of their garments as a reminder of God’s words. 

Green represents the emerald, which is the stone of the tribe of Judah.

White is a symbol of David’s deep understanding of God’s mercy, which was a common theme in his Psalms, and was echoed generations later by Isaiah, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be as white as snow…” (Isaiah 1:18)

Product Details:

  • 7" round
  • Woven cotton

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