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-Endorsed by renowned educators, authors and a historian, this Cabrini Lesson Plan is a ready-to-implement, two-part film guide designed for middle school and high school students in all tracks of education: public, Christian, private and homeschool. Cabrini's unwavering dedication to the care of her fellow humans is something that transcends religion and politics and this Lesson Plan is intended to follow suit.


In the Angel Studios' Pre-Watch Guide and Post-Watch Guide, students will learn the history of Italy and New York during the turn of the 20th century, the characters and content of the film, basic elements of film, three social reformation movements of the time (Child Labor, Women's Suffrage and Immigrant Living Conditions), and the music of the time. There are introspective questions to guide students to see themselves in the characters and think about how Cabrini and the film influenced them. They will learn through question-lead discussions, photograph study, reading, writing a historical essay, writing their own film review, optional journal writing, optional soundtrack listening and optional research topics.

After completing the Pre-Watch Guide, students will attend a viewing of Alejandro Monteverde's major motion picture, Cabrini.* They will see the vivacious woman that no one thought capable, cast aside her own comfort to help save a generation of Italian immigrant orphans, eventually creating an Empire of Hope that spanned the world-and with your help, inspire another generation to build their own Empires of Hope.

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Product Details:
  • 2 comprehensive Cabrini Lesson Plans endorsed by educators, authors, a school district writing mentor, and a historian
  • Historical study materials reflect on the Italian immigrant experience from Italy to New York City at the turn of the 20th century, including three social reformation movements of the time: Child Labor, Women's Rights and Immigrant Living Conditions
  • Assignments include a historical essay with grading rubric provided; a film review with grading rubric provided; and discussion questions on the film, historical context, and art of the time
  • Pre-Watch Guide for before the movie field trip
  • Post-Watch Guide for after the movie field trip
  • Convenient downloadable PDF format
  • Easily printable for on-the-go studying

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