Frequently Asked Questions

A licensing group refers to a collection of individuals or entities that have obtained permission or rights to use a particular product, technology, or intellectual property. This arrangement typically involves a formal agreement, known as a license, which outlines the terms and conditions of use. Licensing groups can vary widely, encompassing software, patents, trademarks, or other proprietary assets. The purpose of forming a licensing group is to allow authorized parties to leverage and benefit from the specified rights, while the licensor retains control over the use of their intellectual property.

Translating into languages beyond those provided on the DVD or Blu-Ray is not permitted. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial to avoid any legal issues or violations. You'll need to wait until that specific language becomes available to you through a streaming platform in your region before purchasing the Licensing Event Kit. This might mean waiting for the content to be officially released or licensed in the language you're seeking.

Yes, one venue may show it as often as they like after purchasing the kit.

Navigating the complex landscape of international film distribution can be a challenge, shaped by governing laws, release schedules, and regional restrictions on streaming services. To ensure a seamless viewing experience, it is advisable to consider purchasing a physical copy of the movie, be it a DVD or Blu-Ray. This not only allows you to bypass potential limitations posed by streaming platforms restricted to specific countries but also provides a tangible and accessible option. Obtaining physical media ensures that your group can enjoy the films without the constraints associated with geographical restrictions or legal nuances, offering a reliable and convenient alternative to digital streaming.

Yes! Please make it crystal clear for your attendees who or what the donation is for. As a for-profit company, Angel Studios is unable to accept, support, or participate in co-branded fundraisers without a formal legal agreement. Due to the level of fundraising requests we receive, we are simply unable to pursue outside collaborations at this time.

While we can't give out a digital copy, there should be options available online where you can stream it from.

No, we ask that there be no online streaming or recordings of any kind, as this is contrary to our terms and conditions.

No, episodes are different from movies but we do have some guidelines.

Federal Copyright law requires written permission for any showing of film occurring outside of personal, home use in the U.S. This licensing program fulfills the Federal Copyright requirements. No other licensing program, such as CVLI, fulfills these requirements for churches and non-profits. 

Charging a fee specifically for the screening of the movie is prohibited. However, it is permissible if the movie is shown in conjunction with another event that necessitates an admission fee.

Group Licensing Will Be Available
For All Shows as the DVDS are Released.

Check Back Often for New Selections.