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Why I Love The Empty Tomb Necklace
-Elizabeth Tabish

The Story Behind The Empty Tomb Necklace

The Shift Writer/Director
Brock Heasley

"The cross. It's such a powerful symbol. I wondered: What other symbol could there be for Christ? From that simple question came an image.

Two circles, one opened, one closed; the empty tomb and the great, rolled away stone side-by-side. Together, they looked very much like an infinity symbol.

It is a subtle yet elegant expresion of faith that speaks profoundly to the hearts of all Christians."

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What is The Shift?

In this modern-day retelling of Job, Kevin Garner (Kristoffer Polaha) travels across worlds and dimensions to reunite with Molly (Elizabeth Tabish), the love of his life. A mysterious adversary known as The Benefactor (Neal McDonough) upends Kevin's world as he tries to escape an alternate dystopian reality.