The "Empty Tomb "Collection

The central message of The Shift is brought to life in this empty tomb necklace, beautifully symbolizing the need for faith in Christ while in the midst of difficult trials.

Every time you wear this dainty necklace and read the inscription, you'll be powerfully reminded of the hope and triumph of Christ.

Why I Love The Empty Tomb Necklace
-Elizabeth Tabish

The Story Behind The Empty Tomb Necklace

The Shift Writer/Director
Brock Heasley

"The cross. It's such a powerful symbol. I wondered: What other symbol could there be for Christ? From that simple question came an image.

Two circles, one opened, one closed; the empty tomb and the great, rolled away stone side-by-side. Together, they looked very much like an infinity symbol.

It is a subtle yet elegant expresion of faith that speaks profoundly to the hearts of all Christians."

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What is The Shift?

The Shift follows a man named Kevin who is banished to a dystopian world and fights a mysterious stranger known as The Benefactor to get back to the woman he loves.