David™ - Pay It Forward


Your choice to Pay it Forward will help make DAVID!

Making an animated film is a huge undertaking. It takes hundreds of creatives thousands of hours to deliver the kind of celebrated animation that you’re used to. While DAVID is currently open for crowdfunding, not everyone is able to invest. 

Consider Paying it Forward if you: 

  • Live internationally and want to see this powerful movie come to light
  • Don’t want to invest $100, but would still like to contribute to DAVID

Whatever your contribution, we’re so excited to see the story of the prophet, poet, and king of Israel on the big screen. 

Your Impact:

  • Help Angel Studios distribute David around the world
  • Translate into new languages

*By Paying it Forward to DAVID, you are not investing in the movie and, therefore, you will not have any equity in the project and will not participate in potential future returns.

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