Freelancers - Pay It Forward


Pay it Forward $15 or above for Freelancers 

Are you looking for a family friendly comedy show to watch? Freelancers is a laugh-out-loud sitcom for everyone. The show follows 5 best friends trying to make it as filmmakers, one terrible job at a time. It's fast and absurd like 30 Rock, and happy and funny like Parks & Rec.

Fund Future Episodes and Seasons of Freelancers 

  • Keep streaming free for people worldwide
  • Help fund future JK Studios projects
  • Earn exclusive perks
  • $50 and above: Receive an official Freelancers Backer certificate 
  • $150 and above: Your name in future JK!/Freelancers credits
  • $500 and above: Be an extra in a future JK!/Freelancers Production
  • $5,000 and above: One-day set pass for two 
    • Hang out with the cast and crew on set as we film a future JK!/Freelancers production

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