Sound of Freedom Larimar Stone Bracelet


Introducing our Larimar Hand Crafted Bracelet, a symbol of resilience and strength. Their stories, once silenced, have the power to resonate through these beautifully crafted jewelry pieces.

Each bracelet is unique and meticulously handmade by survivors of human trafficking, showcasing their remarkable journey. The genuine Larimar gemstone, with its vibrant blue hues, is complemented by sterling silver. Your purchase supports survivors and empowers them to rebuild their lives. Wear this bracelet proudly, making a meaningful difference in their stories of healing and empowerment. 

More about the Sound of Freedom Film

Through compelling storytelling, the film Sound of Freedom shines a light on even the darkest of places with the true story of a federal agent who embarks on a dangerous mission to save children from traffickers. The film is bringing awareness to the big screen with a captivating story that will ignite conversation.

Along with the film, these pieces are a catalyst for change and for increased awareness of the global cause at hand. Each purchase contributes to the empowerment of these women by enabling them to earn a fair wage and supporting their families.

Disclaimer: Sun exposure may cause color fading. Clean gemstone with plain water and a soft cloth to prevent damage or discoloration. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Product Details:

  • Larimar Stone
  • Each stone is unique
  • 925 Sterling Silver 
  • Diameter:  2.25"
  • Height: 1/8"
  • Handcrafted by Human Trafficking Survivors
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

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