Providence Necklace

A crowd of 5,000 had only five loaves and two fishes to feed them. They turned to God, and miraculously, there was more than enough. 

HOMESTEAD is a lifestyle brand, film & TV series about the miracles God does in hard times, and about how His word never retreats, not even in calamity. This symbol of loaves and fishes represents the promise that, no matter what you’re facing, God will provide.

Feel empowered with the Homestead Providence necklace, designed to deepen faith and increase trust in the divine. Available in sterling silver or gold plated, this mighty necklace can serve as a beacon of hope guiding you through your darkest moments.


Product Details:

  • Pendant Size: 14mm (W) x 8mm (H) x 2.2mm (D)
  • 19.5" (500mm) chain
  • Metal: Solid Silver 925
  • Sterling Silver or Gold

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