Cabrini Jewelry Bundle

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Share your faith with this elegant jewelry bundle. The beaded bracelet with Cabrini medal, "The World Is Too Small" cuff bracelet, and rosary with Cabrini medal each offer a touching tribute to Cabrini’s enduring spirit. Wear and use these elegant pieces to honor Cabrini's legacy and spread a message of hope and compassion to the world.

A predecessor and role model to Mother Teresa, Mother Cabrini was a courageous woman committed to her purpose with great compassion and heroic virtue. Despite her frailty, Mother Cabrini overcame countless challenges to bring God's love to the poor and forgotten and build a worldwide empire of hope. Her fearless spirit and unwavering trust in Divine Providence shine as a beacon for us today, offering solace and inspiration in our challenging times.

Product Details:

Beaded Bracelet

  • 10mm Faceted Dumortierite Beads
  • Oval Shaped Silver Plated Mother Cabrini Medal with inscription “St. Frances Mother Cabrini”
  • Dumortierite has a blue calming color and symbolizes confidence and clarity


  • Authentic Bohemian Glass Pearl Beads
  • Gold Plated Pewter Metal
  • 19 Inches Long

Cuff Bracelet

  • Metal: Brass
  • Inside Diameter: 50*60mm
  • Full Length: 158mm
  • One of two color styles options: Gold (14k Plated), and Silver

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